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Didde 360 Phasing Unit



Independent Press Supply offers new and rebuilt harmonic differential units and 360° phasing units.

A dual harmonic gear phasing device forming a part of a web-forming printing tower or other web-handling station is disclosed which allows static or dynamic, 360° infinite phase alterations of web-contacting rollers for coarse and fine tuning of the registration of a multiple-station printing press. The phasing device comprises an enclosed, oil filled structure having a pair of tandem coupled harmonic drive gears respectively connected through gearing or the like to the press drive and to a desired roller for phase changing purposes. Each phasing device also includes a selectively operable stepper motor coupled to one of the harmonic gears for effecting phase alterations. The harmonic gears serve as a 1:1 gear ratio transmission during normal running operations. The phasing device can be used on hard impression or perfecting printing towers, and on other types of web-handling equipment where proper registration is important, such as numbering and punching units.